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Dancing Women
L'Ecstatic Workshop
Join a workshop

Join us for an immersive experience

through breathwork, music, and movement.

"This is not your typical self-development workshop!"


We take you to an online retreat -- an unexpected experience at your workplace or in the comfort of your home or in person, during which you learn how to better connect with your body.

L'Ecstatic is an immersive experience during which you’ll reach a state of flow -- essentially full mindfulness. Research shows that in this state, your subconscious will enhance your performance, boost your creativity and find innovative solutions to your current challenges.

You will be guided by 2 professional coaches through a series of interactive exercises and placed in an altered state of consciousness through breathwork and ecstatic dance, altering with deep music and silences.

We recommend signing up to 3 sessions to reap the full benefits of Lecstatic workshops.

Shake out any tension and have a meaningful group experience.

Reconnect to yourself!


After this workshop, I feel re-energized, I feel full of inspiration and fresh ideas. I have reconnected with my body through intuitive dance. 


I take away the energy created during the workshop!

“I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their self-confidence while trying something different”

“I loved it!! I could have never imagined this experience would have such an impact on me.


I discovered that there are so many benefits to being more in my body rather than being in my head constantly”