the benefits

There are countless benefits to joining our workshops. You'll get a chance to connect with your body, park your thoughts and let go. 


Our job is to get you in an altered state of consciousness and in a state of flow

You may have already experienced a state of flow: when you are totally absorbed by and deeply focused on something, beyond the point of distraction. The world around you quietens. Time feels like it has slowed down. You are at one with the task at hand, as action and awareness sync to create an effortless momentum. 

"We offer group coaching with an experiential component,  getting participants in a state of flow through ecstatic dance and breathwork. Attendees reach clarity, and accelerate their performance. It is group coaching with a twist!

Frédérique Thiébaut, Co-founder of L'Ecstatic 

Accelerated performance & CREATIVITY

Neurosciences have demonstrated that the frontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for intuition and memory, can be activated by reaching a altered state of consciousness.

During our workshops, you will disconnect from the beta brain waves that form our default mode. Instead you will connect to a deeper and ecstatic state of theta brain waves. 


These specific brain waves are known to accelerate learning by 250% and significantly boost innovative abilities.

Sharpen your focus

In our workshop, you will be invited to practice breathwork, alternating hyperventilation and holding your breath. This will activate your parasympathetic nervous system with the intent to produce mind-altering experiences.

You will delve into deeper dimensions and see things differently to how you normally perceive them. 

Enjoyment of movement

The type of movements we invite you to explore is based on Ecstatic Dance principles, where you move (or not, as you wish) freely through a safe space to the sound of music. 


Dance is a right brain dominant activity, where our body has the opportunity to move in ways that are not limited to our habitual movement patterns. 

We’ll help you get into a space of clear body and mind. With our guidance, you’ll be able to put aside self-consciousness and mental blocks, connect to your body and activate your subconscious.